Official LineageOS 19 for Fairphone 3/3+

I have no special setup (magisk, or so). It takes about 30 minutes, but I try not to use the phone, because often the apps crash during the update.


Thanks for tagging me. What exactly is the issue? For reference, here’s what I did a few minutes ago.

  1. Downloaded and flashed/sideloaded the Sept 19th version → Booted the device.
  2. Checked for updates → Started downloading the 10th Oct version
  3. Download complete at 10:43am → Next section(preparing for first boot) complete at 10:49am → Next section(Finalizing installation) complete at 10:53am.
  4. Pressed reboot button and device was updated.

So yes, some additional installations could have impacted. Share the logs and I’ll see if I can infer something from them.

Do let me know if there are any other issues.



In my case the installation also takes longer than those for LOS 18.1, but I noticed that I can speed the whole process up by not using the phone during the installation and avoiding the display to turn off and the phone going into “sleep”.

I have also found keeping the phone awake and idle speeds up the process (or rather, doesn’t slow it down)

FYI to all microg users - the latest update has finally been built

Anyone having trouble charging after a recent update? After installing the nightly from 03/10/2022, shortly after plugging in the phone to charge it stops charging. It does charge in the off state at least, but it’s annoying to have to turn off the phone to charge it. The nightly from 10/10/2022 didn’t fix it.

EDIT: bizarrely, enabling developer options and USB debugging seems to have fixed this. Even after disabling USB debugging and restarting it still works. Very odd! I haven’t disabled developer options again but I’m happy to leave them enabled in any case since I sometimes use adb.

Since installing the Update from October 3rd I cannot use my banking app anymore (Sparkasse) since it is telling my that my device is rooted. I never rooted my device or anything else that could have caused this behavious apart from updating. Has anyone ever had an issue like this (or a workaround)?

“Rooted device” detection can have multiple aspects. Some may consider only rooted devices as such, but some also consider unlocked devices (or devices with alternative ROMs) as such.
It depends on apps editors.

In my case I installed Magisk with an exclusion list (formerly known as “Magisk Hide”) to have some applications working (but my banking app didn’t require it to work).

Sorry it’s not really an answer but it really depends on the app you’re using. Btw, didn’t it get updated recently?

Now that I watched the behaviour, I can confirm it. The phone often does not reconnect to the wifi after leaving the connection and returning to the range when on standby. I sometimes have to go to the wifi-settings and then suddenly, it finds the wifi and reconnects.

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I have the same behaviour too

Hi, sadly, the missing ringing when calling somebody still persists. Or do I need to change a setting somewhere?

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I have also the problems with a very long (several hours) update with the builtin updater and the script. I installed initially Lineage OS 19.1 in combination with MindTheGapps, as this was the only Google-Play package, which was compatible with Android 12 at that date.

I get tons of error lines with “adb logcat”:
10-17 07:40:30.423 27298 27298 F linker : CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE “/vendor/bin/hw/android.hardware.drm@1.3-service.widevine”: library “” not found: needed by main executable

I get also a lot of failures due to:
10-17 14:37:06.922 18987 18987 F zygote64:] JNI FatalError called: (zygote) Failed open(/system/product/overlay/GmsOverlay.apk, 0): No such file or directory

10-17 14:37:07.952 19011 19011 F DEBUG : Abort message: ‘JNI FatalError called: (zygote) Failed open(/system/product/overlay/GmsOverlay.apk, 0): No such file or directory’

I hope @TeamB58 can find a solution, so that these two problems are resolved.

I was not able to upload something else than images. Therefore I need more instructions, or I could send a logfile by personal e-mail.

I just detected, that the update was finished much faster by the " push_update script" as described in Update LineageOS on FP3 | LineageOS Wiki than previously by the builtin OTA updater. The reported errors stem from the “push_update script”.


Thanks for the detailed explanation.

For the drm crash, fix should be available in next release but for GmsOverlay.apk error, this is something which could be related to GApps and hence not related to the sources.

I am not much aware about how GApps would actually work.

I updated to the latest microG build (10.10.2022). My bank app (N26) doesn’t work and I get random reboots.
Would you recommend to dirty-flash a previous build (23.8.2022) I used? Is it highly likely for something to go wrong?

Thanks for your fast response.

I’m a little lost with the GmsOverlay.apk problem, as I don’t find any information by google regarding this problem.

This package is listed first by
10-17 14:37:06.421 1334 3193 I PackageDexOptimizer: Running dexopt (dexoptNeeded=-3) on: /data/app/~~iv_s7Q7OlY6oa5stXN_d2Q==/ isa=arm64 dexoptFlags=boot_complete,public,force,enable_hidden_api_checks targetFilter=verify oatDir=/data/app/~~iv_s7Q7OlY6oa5stXN_d2Q==/ classLoaderContext=PCL[]{}

10-17 14:37:06.449 1334 3193 D OTADexopt: com.mtg.gmsoverlay - 0

The next line in the logfile with GmsOverlay is:
10-17 14:37:06.922 18987 18987 F zygote64:] JNI FatalError called: (zygote) Failed open(/system/product/overlay/GmsOverlay.apk, 0): No such file or directory

The /system/product/overlay/GmsOverlay.apk file exists in a running system after the upgrade process is finished. Thus I suspect that just the order of steps performed by PackageDexOptimizer is wrong - it should delay accessing steps which need this file, until this file is restored.

How can I control this order?
Who should I contact with my bug report? - MindTheGapps-Maintainers?

I suspect that this problem causes a long delay during the package upgrade phase - like reported by others, too.


Same here. Every update takes 1 hour at least. During the update, the phone is unresponsive and a lot of apps crash. Clicking on “close app” on the error popup seems to make the update a bit faster.

Are downgrades supported? I’m using the MicroG FP3 build and want to go back from 20221010 to 20220823 because I currenctly can’t access my work websites due to the drm bug.

Anybody else sees these messages in logcat, or is this my personal fate?

10-22 16:30:54.943 11307 11572 W NetworkScheduler: Error inserting flex_time=2000 job_id=-1 period=5000 source=16 requires_charging=0 preferred_network_type=1 user_id=0 tag=Measurement.PackageMeasurementTaskService.UPLOAD_TASK_TAG task_type=0 required_idleness_state=0 service_kind=0 source_version=224113000 persistence_level=1 preferred_charging_state=1 required_network_type=0 runtime=1666449054931 retry_strategy={"maximum_backoff_seconds":{"3600":0},"initial_backoff_seconds":{"30":0},"retry_policy":{"0":0}} last_runtime=0 [CONTEXT service_id=218 ] 10-22 16:30:54.943 11307 11572 W NetworkScheduler: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConstraintException: UNIQUE constraint failed: pending_ops.tag, pending_ops.target_class, pending_ops.target_package, pending_ops.user_id (code 2067 SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_UNIQUE)

I updated to the new microg build (20221020), but it didn’t fix the bank issue. Tried to downgrade to the working build (20220823) via adb sideload and it didn’t let me.
I’m considering a clean install of the downgrade, but it’s such a chore :sweat_smile:

Can anyone try out today’s update and see if the above mentioned issues are resolved?

  • DRM issue
  • Download taking too long
  • Anything else?



Current issues:
-Dial-tone usually missing
-wifi drop in locked mode. no reconnecting in locked mode.
-high power consumption. I have to charge every 1-2 days with moderate use.

DRM I never checked. Download of the update ran with 10mbyte/sec, which is the max. Speed of the line.

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