Official Fairphone Ringtone!

The ringtone is called ‘sunbeam’. It could be already installed.
See the video Official Fairphone Ringtone


This Ringtone was allready installed on my FPU.

An on my FP1 (not U) it came with the Software Update. Very good idea thought!

Indeed, for me it did too.

Changed it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a ringtone done especially for Fairphone?


It’s a cheery tune that fits the Fairphone videos quite well, but as a ring tone, I don’t like it very much. I changed it too after the 1.6 update.

For me it’s completetely useless. As is 99.999 % of the fancy ringtones out there.
[Rant Warning:] Not only are most ringtones extremely tiresome. They are also often high-pitched - ‘tinkling’, so to say. For a phone user with impaired hearing (as I am - I wear hearing aids) it’s necessary to have a fairly low-pitched tone, especially in noisy surroundings (walking on a city street, or in the car). The classic bakelite phone ringtone is perfect, and I always try to find something like that. A ‘old ringtone’ option should IMHO be included in the default setup among the more than 70 fanciful varieties already offered.
[End of rant]

Where do you get the FP ringtone?

Me and someone else is missing it, too.

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Using the forum search (and some investigative work). :wink:

Someone has uploaded the ringtone and posted a link to it in the discussion after the respective Fairphone blog post:


Direct link to the Official Fairphone ringtone called Sunbeam is here


The most direct links are here [24 Aug 2022: new, valid link when clicking at the word “here”, links below no longer active – @urs_lesse ] :smiley: :