October '15 production and delivery update - Blog

Sad news… I hope to have mine (nr 6620) before Christmas at 'east!
And I am waiting for the AOSP source release too

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but, you know, everyone has the same problem. It reminds me of waiting for the OpenMoko phone in the past.

At least they are not rushing things to meet a marketing-driven deadline.

And I very much appreciate the openness. That’s what I expect from FairPhone in the first place ! I don’t see Samsung or Apple posting these kind of blog posts.

One question: how can I know my position in the waiting queue ? @deedend mentions he has nr 6620 but I can’t seem to find mine. I looked on the invoice and in my shop. What am I overlooking ?

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Well, more openness than this one cannot be expected. Thank you for being frank here! Obviously tests discovered things the users wouldn’t tolerate.

With testing completed and nearly everything aligned for production ramp-up, we hoped to start assembly on schedule. But then we received the results of the last round of evaluation and we discovered that we needed to do some last minute changes, and with that we had to reorder some complex custom parts.

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Your delivery number should be mentioned at the beginning of the invoice you received after paying for your FP2, strangely only in the mail body and not in the pdf, though. Perhaps this is why you did not find it.


I also am happy about the transparency and prefer a delay of some weeks to having to send back a freshly received phone to support because of a faulty module which was foreseeable before the delivery start. Even though I still hope to get mine for Christmas as well :slight_smile:

Hello @anon90052001,

it would be fair to change, on the SHOP page, the “Order now! Delivery in December” by a “Delivery in January”.

Could you share live pictures of the “blue matte” and “black translucent” phones ?
We have live pictures of the others but none of these 2 ones :smile:

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Yes, we’re changing the text on our site and shop to stay true to the current delivery timeline. We want to prevent confusion with the fact that “Delivery begins in December” but if you order now then delivery is in January. So it’s a bit tricky but we’re updating it.

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It’s already changed to “Delivery starts in January for now orders” :slight_smile: Very nice that it has been changed so quickly :smiley:

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Not expecting delays is a bit naive IMO :slight_smile:

If we’re still on track, ‘final assembly’ should start on Monday!!

We are now estimating that the final assembly of the last modules will start on 23 November, with the first deliveries to customers taking place at the beginning of December


This morning at the team meeting we heard that final assembly did not start today. Allegedly there are problems with the PCB’s.

I am now trying to get more info and hope to sent it out over mail and post in the blog.
This is all I know now, as soon as I hear more, you will hear from me.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…


Ouch! Let’s hope for the best…

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Thanks for bearing the news! I prefer bad news over no news!


Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Although it seems to be bad news, I am happy to be well informed. :slight_smile:


completely agree!
@douwe Is Fairphone planning a “production update” for this weeks blog entry?

We are planning indeed, but I can not say when as some of the dates that should be in that blog are now unclear


As delivery date nears, even if there seems to be some bumps ahead, are there any news about the software? Just asking as I very much would like to have permission management for apps like in CM and the likes…


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So are there any news ?

New blog post is just in! https://www.fairphone.com/2015/11/25/sar-spare-parts-and-everything-you-need-to-know-about-your-fairphone-2/