Occasional Google crashes

Has anyone else noticed Google crashing from time to time in the background? For a few weeks now, I sometimes get split second system error messages about Google crashing - usually while I’m doing non-Google-related stuff. And I also notice that the Google News column on the left of the home screen sometimes just closes while I’m reading it.

It isn’t much more than a tiny annoyance, as Google seems to reset immediately - but it’s strange anyway. And as you can’t re-install Google, I’m wondering, if there is anything you can do about it.

No answers, so this doesn’t seem to be a bigger issue. But just in case, anyone else had this problem: I realized that, even though it’s no longer possible in Android’s app settings, you can still reset Google via the Play Store. So, I “uninstalled” it there (which just uninstalls all updates) and then updated it again - and now it seems stable. :smiley:

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