Number of Fairphone devices produced/sold?

The title of your thread is

Number of Fairphone devices produced?

and you wrote

Do you mean how many Fairphone devices were produced or sold?

Both :slight_smile: I edited the title accordingly !
As the fairphone shop is sold-out (new batch coming in March) I assume the number of produced and sold devices is similar…

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I also got:

These are all just FP2s.

True, but would not it be interesting how many Fairphone devices were sold to consumers?

Interresting! Thus the February’17 “125.000 modular phones” should correspond to FP1+FP2, so if we assume 60.000 FP1 this gives us 65.000 FP2 :slight_smile:

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A combined total of 135000 Fairphone owners (60 000 FP1 + 75000 FP2) was confirmed in September 2017, as @paulakreuzer suggested. Cannot link to a public source though.

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So from the numbers we got we can assume that about 3000 FP2s are sold a month if everything goes well. We also know everything didn’t go well the past months and private customers still can’t order phones atm.

Indeed ! I’m afraid we are still far away from world domination:wink:


Well, everyone can order phones. Just not directly from


You can say that again! According to the map, there is no dealer in Austria (except T-Mobile) that offers the Fairphone 2 at the moment:


(Source: Fairphone/Google)


That’s still quite an impressive dealer-density:


You queried shops and showrooms, but currently there is only one dealer in Austria if I am not mistaken.


PS: Now if we were to assume that the relation between Sailfish and Ubuntu installs is somehow similar to what this poll suggests (which it’s probably not - but anyway), then the comparison between the OSes would look something like that:

PPS: Ok obviously I still have to adjust Open OS, since it wasn’t even out since the beginning… updated


I guess the blue curve of the first diagram shows the amount of Fairphone 2’s sold from end of 2015 until now, right?

Unlike UbuntuTouch, the Sailfish port is not yet adapted to the Android6 base, for the new screen compatibility (mal is working on it). So in my opinion you can put a constant value for SFOS since the new screen release (mid '17) :slight_smile:

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Hey, don’t remind me that the French shops are still missing… :sweat: @Esmee sent them to me half a year ago…

Link to the official store locator is here btw:

There are indeed no stores listed in Austria… Seems that T-Mobile was not too eager to get them back in stock.

Edit: It’s not even available in the T-Mobile online shop anymore:

They are offering it with a white case now:

But it seems the Fairphone is not available without (already having) a T-Mobile tariff contract, and customers living in Austria would have to buy the phone at a different dealer outside Austria if they want to get it without (an additional) tariff rate.

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Indeed! I’ll send them an email.

Yep, that’s probably true. I’ll ask that too. :slight_smile:

PS.: CC @werner_noebauer Hab Franzi geschrieben, falls es sie überhaupt noch bei T-Mobile gibt. :wink:


You can also get some number estimates from phone-specific apps in the Play Store, but it discounts people who don’t use these such as microG and LOS users.

I know from a Fairphoner in South Tiroly who went to the T-Mobile Austria shop in Innsbruck last year to buy a Fairphone 2 without a contract.