Number blocking in FP2

Hi people,
My dog went missing, so I put up posters with my phone number. A lot of friendly people awnsered. But of course weirdos started calling as well. How can I block them?
Tried to follow the instructions posted for the Fp1, but this doesn’t seem to work on the fp2. No option to block or send to voicemail. (See pic)
Please help me get rid of the prank/freak callers.
PS my dog is back home safe. :wink:
Thank you, viola

You need to edit the contact (tap the pencil at the top), and then the three-dots menu will let you block them, :wink:

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Hi roboe, thanks. But it doesnt work. It does give the option to sent to voicemail. But no blocking…

Maybe I should have cleared his number before uploading all these pics.

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Oh, you mentioned that in your post and I thought it’d be ok…
But, anyway, what’s the difference between blocking and sending to voicemail? I honestly don’t know, :confused:

PD: You can edit your previous posts to clear the number



nice to the Android universe, you can tray one between many apps available in

A friend of me uses successfully Mr. Number, but there are many others.

Also a good option is to send back to a voicemail, so you can get its voice and number, and make him expense.

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You can now use NoPhoneSpam, see Is there a possibility to block numbers with FP2?


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