(Now collected) I have an unused FP2 battery to give away - collection in London

EDIT: the battery has now been collected

I ordered this battery after my FP was dropped in water but as it never recovered I have never used it. Does anyone want it? I don’t think I can post it so it would be collection only in London N4

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If the battery is not defective or damaged you can post it, post office is working as usual, albeit with delays. Just saying.

Sending a single standalone lithium battery via Royal Mail is prohibited as OP stated:
" Batteries, specifically new and used lithium batteries when not sent with or connected to an electronic device (including power banks)

  • International - Not allowed in the mail
  • UK - Not allowed in the mail"

Ok yet another dumb British rule. And with that said I wonder how many people actually follow this rule, probably two or three. Just pack it safely, stick a “lithium battery” label on top and no harm done. Better than (semi)recycling it and buying a new one.

I know that as when I bought it it was delivered to me by post and it was fine, but if someone can pick it up in London I would rather do that. Thank you

If nobody reports I actually have a friend with an FP2 in N4. However, I just bought a new battery last December, and another one for her FP2 too, so we should both be good to go for another year or so if not longer. I am unsure whether my FP2 will survive past that year, its fourth bottom module is starting to give in. Also, I wouldn’t really want to collect anything during lock-down; I live in Cambridge myself, this just doesn’t feel like a valid reason to hurl down the M11 for. I think she equally wants to minimise any risks w/ COVID and refrains from meeting anyone. A long convoluted story to say: if nobody else comes who needs one, and you’re ready to dispose of it, I’m sure it’d be appreciated if you can drop it through her letterbox. But there’s so many ifs and buts that I also can’t blame you if you don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please don’t flout sensible laws for the sake of momentary convenience. Rules against shipping batteries exist to protect postal workers - lithium batteries can ignite under certain conditions.

It’ll be fine 999 times out of a thousand, but that one battery in a thousand isn’t worth endangering others.


Hey I’d be more than happy to drop it through her mailbox if she’s in the area. Is it possible to send a private message on here to get her address?

Don’t worry I wouldn’t do it as I said before.

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Hi there, hope I am not too late to the discussion! I am in South Cental London and am my battery is on its last legs after about two years - I’ve had an FP2 for almost four and half years and it means quite a lot to me now! @RSpliet you were first and I hope all is well with your friend, but if it is unclaimed I would be happy to do a contact-free pickup this week from N4 by bike.

Take it! Sounds like you need it more than I do, my battery will last me for quite a while longer. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ariennette Thank you for offering to drop it off at my friend’s. But as I said, I’m not in immediate need, so if @ar.do comes to pick it up I’m happy!

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@RSpliet you are a gent! @arienette, let’s stay in touch by PM to organize a safe collection if you are still have the battery

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