Notifications are not staying on top of the screen

Hello community,
II have the fairphone 2 OS 19.02.1 and since 2 days my notifications are not staying on the top of my phone.

When I receive a new message on whatsapp for exemple (kind of the only notification that I allow) the phone vibrate, if i’m looking a it I can see the notification appearing but if I want to slide to read the meassage or go to the app, the notification disapear as if I had remove it.
I need to go check on the app to see if I missed messages.

Is it a bug or something I cahnge without noticing?
Thank you for your help!

If you swipe sideways on a notification, it will always be deleted unless it’s a permanent notification (like e.g. energy saving mode). If you want to go the the app that created the notification, you have to tap on it. This has always been the case.


I don’t have time to swipe sidways. If I want to see the notification by swiping down on the top of my screen (to see more) the notification is already gone. It just pops and then don’t stay on.

So it’s not underneath the quick settings anymore?
Or do you mean that it’s just displayed on the top of your screen for a while and then moves away to the top?

When a new message arrive, my phone vibrate as my settings are set up, the notification appear as usual but don’t stick. Normally I can find all my unread notifications on the quick settings but now it’s as if I had already seen them. And If I’m not on my phone to see the notification arrive I don’t see it at all.

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I have the same problem. But on my phone I’ve just this behaviour with my mailing app “K9”. I use it to manage 3 different mail accounts and sometimes the notification from one account stays while notifications from the other accounts are gone.
Notifications from other Apps works good so far.

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