Notification sounds

Hi there, I have a fairphone 2 and have recently received it back from repairs.
I can’t now set the volume on app notifications and it’s driving me crazy as they are set to very loud.
I have selected the sounds I want but how do you change the volume for individual apps?

Hi Corrie,
I don’t think you can adjust the volume for individual apps; reducing the ring volume will affect app notifications too, though.

Edit: PS - And welcome to the FP community forum!

Hi Adrien,

Thanks for getting back to me
I’m confused as I can silence some apps so surely I can change the volume for individual ones to. I’m sure I have in the past, just wish I could remember how………

Which OS do you use?

BrFabian, It’s android

You are right. But which Android?
Go to Settings ->about the telephone -> build number or something like that.
We need to know which Android version it is.


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OK, just checked and it’s Android 7.1.2

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