Notification light only seems to work with battery status — not app notifications. Is this normal?


Posted another question here recent as I am just a bit worried that I’ve purchased a faulty item last month. All still within the store’s 30-day warranty, so just I am putting out feelers whether I should get in touch with them to replace the unit.

My latest concern is the notification light does not show any notifications, despite all being enabled in settings.

I have updated the Fairphone 3+ to the latest software as available yesterday, but this issue has persisted since the previous software build.

If your FP3 is running the standard Fairphone OS, there is a large range of hardware tests built in. You can access these tests by dialling * # * # 6 6 # * # *

You should be able to find a test for the LED in these tests as well (Service tests > FlashLED Test). This allows you to determine whether it’s a hardware or software issue.

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Thanks for this — this is really helpful.

Blue/Green/Red LED all works fine, just doesn’t seem to be talking to the apps that are set up to use them (WhatsApp, Signal etc.).

Fingerprint reader is, however, not working. So it’s good to have that confirmed.

Settings > Apps and noticiations >Notification > See all from last seven days : Do many show that you had no LED for many

Check you are not using Do Not Disturb, if you are :_
Check Do Not Disturb > Advanced > Display options or sound from notifications

You have to activate Notification LED in the settings, else you will not see them.

Dont use FPOS so cant tell you they exact path, however you can use the search function in the settings

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Thanks for the help here.

Unfortunately, though, I am seeing a lot of apps here which have the LED enabled :frowning: DND is disabled also.

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Yep, all enabled both in the settings app itself and each of the application’s own settings menus.

Have you tried a safe start in case there is some app interference,

Also please check common anomalies like memory and SD card formatting.

At least my FP3 never showed any LED notifications, so I guess this is “normal”.

Best wishes,

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Normal I don’t know, common I doubt.

I have two FP3+ and both show LEDs when I get missed calls and emails or calendar notifications.


I’m not talking about app specific settings but about overall LED enabling.

Initially the FP3 had not notification LED this was introduced later and must be turned on overall



Enable the “Blink light” option in Settings → Notifications. This was disabled by default maybe due to some operator requirement.



The LED has been mended! Thank you so much.


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