Notification LED: Time between the blinking shorter or adjustable

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if it’s only me, but the 6 seconds time gap between each blinking is way to long for me. It’s like lottery to look at the phone at the right time to see the green light blinking. At the moment the function isn’t as helpful as it could be.

I would love it, if the blinking were faster, so that a quick look makes sure you got a new massage or not.

Has anyone of you thought of this too?

There is a way (luckily the FP1 / FP1U is rooted on default, so we can do this!). You need GravityBox and then go to “Display Tweaks” and set “Pulse Notification” to a lower value. I just tested this, it works like charming (after a reboot)! :slight_smile:


Oh wow, great. Thanks for the hint.

Works well with 2 Seconds now. Had a little problem at the beginning to getGravityBox working. But after rebooting out of Xposed Framework instead of using the On/Off-Switch everything worked.

Thanks again.


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