Notification LED constantly blinking

Hi there,

I’ve had this strange behaviour for some time now. I believe it happened after updating to a new OS version, probably two updates ago. Since then my notification LED is constantly blinking, whether or not notifications are present. Even after turning the notification LED off (through Settings -> Apps and notifications -> Notifications -> Advanced -> Blink light ), it keeps blinking red when there are no notifications.

When certain apps have notifications, the color of the LED changes. When all notifications are gone again, it keeps blinking red, except for when the phone is charging, then the LED is on constantly.

Anyone else who came across this issue?

It’s probably not your case but constantly blinking red would happen if automatic battery saver is enabled and active.


Hmm, seems that you pointed me in the right direction. :grinning:

However, it only turns on when the battery percentage is under the configured level on the battery saver scheme. When I turn down the percentage, and manually activate the battery saver (which I use almost constantly), the LED is off.

Is there any way to have the battery saver percentage scheme set to a high percentage, with disabling the LED? I’ve looked for some settings in that direction but couldn’t find any :unamused:

Yeah, right, that’s what I meant by “active” (as opposed to just enabled).
AFAIK there is no way to disable the blinking LED in that case.

I think the default value is 15%. And I never reached that, I tend to charge at around 20% (which for me is after ~3 days of normal usage).
It took a little getting used to, though, because on the FP2, when I reached 25% it usually meant the battery would drain in minutes. But that just doesn’t happen with the FP3 so I even feel ok leaving the house at 25% charge.

Oh wow, for me it usually lasts 1,5 days at most and I’m not on my smartphone all the time. I do have some apps installed (whatsapp, instagram, telegram, signal). Did you do anything specific to save up battery life so much?

No, I did not do any specific battery optimization. Seems to just depend on the apps I use.
Maybe just one thing: while I sleep I enable flight and battery saver mode manually.

According to Digital Wellbeing I unlock the phone between 10 and 30 times a day with a screen on time between 10 and 45 minutes.
AccuBattery Pro tells me that the phone is in deep sleep for 80% of the screen off time. Battery usage is ~6%/h screen on, ~1%/6 screen off and little more than 1%/h combined.
All this for the last 7 days.


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