Not working: moving data via USB-C and otg-cable to external storage ( e.g. Garmin Edge explore)

Hi at all, good morning…
I’m trying to send (.gpx-) data in the following way to external storage:

FP4 with /e/os, 1.12.3

usb-c-adapter and otg-cable or micro-usb to usb-female or…
(i tried different settings)

Garmin Edge explore or a boring usb-data-stick

Unfortunately there is neither any ext. storage detected nor a charging-signal (Garmin)
coming up.

A second nearly identic FP4 was also testet negative similar to a Samsung S5 neo with naked Lineage OS 12 nightly.
Interestingly a FP2 with /e/OS 1.11.3 is working.
(no, i will not switch my FP4 to my daugthers FP2…).

Does anyone knows about this FP4-behavior?
Is there a workaround existing?
Are there some switches to get this otg-service in the deep of the settings?

Thank you for ideas and answers,


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Does a third device exist that both the Garmin and the FP talk to?

Hi kraltix,
all devices communicate in all directions via different pc’s (Linux and Windows)…
Just not in a direct way.


These machines get more and more human like… :slight_smile:

No better idea for the problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

I think i’ll order some new “direct”-cables for trying…
I will post some informations here, when found some workin’ stuff…


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