Not so much a discussion as a compliment

Dear Fairphone developers and forum users, their trusted sidekicks,

My wife and I bought a pair of fairphone 4’s as an upgrade to our fp2’s a year ago. What a pleasure it is to own this phone! None of the bugs or hardware hassles we experienced before. Works like a charm, regular updates, everthing peachy! Just wanted to thank you all for that.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see a fairphone in everyone’s hands, purses and jeans pockets in the future!


Hi and welcome back to the forum . . . three years :slight_smile:
But to note, as this is a user forum, sadly the ‘developers’ are unlikely to read your thanks.

So you could send an email to or post a reply to their OS update topics which is all that anyone at Fairphone may read, given they start the topic, who then may pass on your thanks.

So thanks for posting. So nice to hear from ‘happy’ users as the forum is 99% by a small percent that are so vocally unhappy that it seems like walking into a storm sometimes.

But all things must pass, even the sadness and disappointments suffered.

So yes thanks again, so nice to hear from happy people:

All the best :white_check_mark:


You can also cast a vote here:


Always good to see there are people with a trouble free experience (the forum has the effect of bundling the complaints together and making us forget most people enjoy the experience).


Thanks! I’ll redirect my compliment to the support website.

Beste regards,


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