Not show CARD 1 on all messages

How can I 'CARD 1 on all messages

Could you be a bit more specific? E.g.:
Which model phone do you have?
What do you mean by ‘all messages’?

Also, most questions that take the form of ‘How do I…’ get better responses in the category #fairphone2help (or #fairphone-help if you have an FP1) . I’m going to guess you have an FP2 and move this topic there for now.

Yes fp2 and I mean the messaging app

I want to know about this too. On every message on a conversation thread in the Messaging app, the format is:

Message here…

“CARD 1” is unnecessary (unless you’re doing something fancy with 2 SIM cards) and takes up space. In fact, as it’s in capitals, it dominates the screen yet gives no interesting information to most people (I imagine).

So the question is, how do I remove the SIM card indicator on each message?


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I renamed the card in the settings (you can click the entry under SIM Cards and give it a name) to a period. That doesn’t bother too much, but I agree it’s unnecessary information when there’s only one card.

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Well, that bothered me as well. I don’t think there is a setting to switch that off.
I switched to Signal as my main messaging app (incl. SMS/test messages) which doesn’t have this annoying “feature”.

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Also discussed here:

Have any of you found a solution on this problem, still bothering me!

Some weeks ago I replaced the messaging app by LibreSignal, which is some kind of clone of Signal. This app doesn’t show this annoying behaviour.

I tried using Silence from the F-Droid manager instead of Messaging, which turned out to have a much nicer and more customisable interface, not only getting rid of the sim 1 bit, but also with customisable colours and icons to clearly distinguish conversation participants, dark mode, and a much easier to navigate emoji/emoticon menu.

All that while also allowing you to encrypt your messages? It’s a no-brainer.

Edit: I went back to see why I hadn’t installed LibreSignal - it’s apparently on an experimental build subject to enough change that conversations could be lost if you’re not careful.