Not receiving calls

My FP2 seems not to be receiving calls and appears to go straight to voicemail whenever I receive a call. I am at a little loss as to why and any assistance would be welcome.

I suppose outgoing calls work fine?
Did you try the SIM card in another phone (if you have the possibility to test that)?

I have tried sim in other phone and even changed phone company and got new sim, but problem persists.

Outgoing calls work fine (sorry for repeating it, but it wasn’t answered)?
Did you check if the phone app has been granted all necessary rights?
Has it never worked or did the problem suddenly appear?

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Outgoing calls work fine, the problem is with incoming. How do I check if phone app has been granted all necessary rights?
To be honest, I had a similar issue prior to getting FP and it feels like a digital curse that I can’t shake. I have contacted service provider and changed company, all to no end.

Sorry to hear that your call reception system seems to be cursed… :grimacing:


… and it worked fine in the other phone (i.e. you could receive calls)?

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