Not possible to connect to bluetooth keyboard after update to FP OS 1.8


after updating to 1.8 I have problems with the bluetooth connectivity (connecting a keyboard, Logitech K810).

Because the keyboard was not recognized after the update to 1.8 I “shut off” Bluetooth in the settings of android. But now I can’t enable Bluetooth any more – the button “goes back” to its off state.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! mtemp

Have you tried soft rebooting or even restarting your phone?

Yes, “of course” :frowning: I restarted the Fairphone several times – already after it was not possible to re-install the Google Apps (solution:

But, correction, after one of my restarts I was able to activate the bluetooth functionality again. But, hmm, no connection to the keyboard – although the settings seem to be okay.

Hmm, maybe I have to play with the settings again and again…

thanks for your help!

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It is hard to say anything on this now, since the update has been postponed. If you do not want to wait until for the revised update of 1.8, consider downgrading to 1.6 manually.

… the question is how long Fairphone need to re-postpone :wink: the update …

… but thanks for your response!

I tested connectivity with a logitech dinovo edge on 1.8 and this still works 4 me so this is not a generic problem.

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… very strange.
The keyboard is recognized by the phone. All thems to be ok. But there is no “reaction”.
But I can use the keyboard with my desktop pc via a bluetooth stick. This works.

Another thing (mentioned as a bug in this forum somewhere else): after disabling bluetooth on the phone sometimes it is not possible to activate it again – until a restart. This behavour “is new” in 1.8, too …

Now I get it!

After clearing the bluetooth cache in the apps settings (“all”) and a restart (and some things more?) I was able to reconnect the keyboard – and now I can use all of my 10 fingers again! :slight_smile:

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