Not phonable or able to connect to mobile internet. Wifi works. Anyone with same experience?

When people try to call me ( on both simcards) they go straight to my mailbox as if my phone is switched off. Internet is only available through wifi; mobile internet won’t connect. Does anyone have experience with this?

Has it been working before?
Have you cheked if your APN settings are correct?

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Thanks for swift reply! Yes, it did work before and when i went to the tutorials about APN setting ( thanks to you) they tell you to go to ‘All apps’ => choose settings and the latter is not an active (nor inactive) app )-; so that doesn’t help…tip? Cheers, Kitty

So sorry!! Sunday in my brain…i have Dutch language on phone. I have red cheecks now. I’ll try and will let you know if i can solve the problem.

Sounds like you are not connected to the network with your phone.

Do you have network reception on your phone (triangles in the upper right corner not completely empty or crossed out)? Are you able to make outgoing calls? Have you tried to send/receive SMS?

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Sorry that I never got back to you! And that I never thanked you for response )-; but somehow the problem solved itself. I had never problems before with network connection and let’s hope it will stay this way. All the best! Kitty

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