Not bootloader access

After a failed update trying to install Ubuntu with UBports I can’t access to the bootloader (vol. down + power) the screen has the logo of FAIRPHONE powered by android, but i can access to the UBports recovery (vol. up + power)

How I can reinstall the Android system? Currently in normal boot it stay on the screen with ‘Fairphone powered by android’

I have a notebook with Ubuntu 16.04 and the version of FP2 is 18

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That is the bootloader, also known as Fastboot mode … there’s nothing more to it.
You can access the phone with #dic:fastboot then.


Extending @AnotherElk’s reply:

In your Ubuntu:

sudo apt install adb fastboot

Download the latest manual zip of Fairphone Open from here:

Unzip it, connect your phone in fastboot mode to your computer and run the sh script from the command line. That will install Fairphone’s Open OS together with their supported version of the TWRP recovery.

Boot to TWRP next and wipe your data —AFAIK the script doesn’t wipe that— before booting to your pristine system.

If you want to use the regular Fairphone OS (with Google’s spyware), then you can switch to it from inside Fairphone Open, using the Fairphone Updater app.


$ ./
** Fairphone Open 18.04.1 Manual Flashing Script **

Validating files…
Validation complete.

after an hour it continues like this, with sudo it seems better :slight_smile:

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Hi @Roboe, I got a similar problem as discribed by @josepjc: Apparingly caused by a failed installation of ubuntu touch to my fairphone 2 (which I have run so far with Fairphone Open OS) I am not any more able to access the bootloader/fastbood mode. For the installation I use a laptop with windows, because my xubuntu-laptop with does not recognize the fairphone ;-(

Can you help me to find a solution to how to continue the installation of ubuntu touch on my fairphone 2 using windows? Thanks a lot for your help!

I can’t help with Windows, since I haven’t one. And Windows is known to be specially problematic for adb and fastboot. Although you can test running a manual Fairphone OS or Fairphone Open installation.

I can help with Xubuntu not recognizing your device, though. I guess you are running Xubuntu 16.04 LTS, right? 16.04’s adb and fastboot packages have a bug, and you need to manually install the android-sdk-platform-tools-common package with:

$ sudo apt-get install android-sdk-platform-tools-common

Then $ adb devices and $ fastboot devices should output your device correctly without sudo. If that’s not the case, reboot or run $ sudo service udev reload and try again.

After configuring this, you could follow the instructions to restore Fairphone OS/Open above in the thread and re-launch the Ubuntu Touch installation through their installer.

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Thanks a lot for your advice! It encouraged me to finally install UT by using my Xubuntu-laptop (with Xubuntu 16.04 LTS). After following your instructions I used the magic device tool (mdt) to install UT 15.04. That worked. Now I just got two new problems which I will post on the appropriated forum topics at ubuntuusers (no email-client and FP2 is not recognized by my Xubuntu-Laptop).

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Happy to have helped. Enjoy your FP2!

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