Not able to make or receive calls since the Android 10 upgrade

Hi there, since more than tree weeks I’m not able to do or get ponecalls with my Fairphone 3. Nearly at the same time, as I got the Android-Update to 10. The Support seems to be not able to help. Is there anybody out there, that has the same problem - or get help or a solution?

Did you have a look here to check if any problem mentioned describes yours?

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Hi Volker, thx. But I did not get a link for the Update 3.A.00045… Did everything the support said, but the problem stayed. Since three weeks only “sorry” but no solution.

I had a similar issue a few months ago: Somehow VoLTE got activated on my phone - although there was no support then for this feature from my provider.
Thus, I wasn’t able to make or receive calls: after a second the calls were canceled.

Have you already tried to deactivate VoLTE (enhanced 4g lte mode) and VoWIFI (wifi calling)?

  1. Settings -> network and internet -> mobile network -> advanced -> enhanced 4g lte mode
  2. Phone (app) -> three-dots-menu -> Settings -> calling accounts -> select sim -> wifi calling

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