Non Smartphone Fairphone

I don’t know, if somebody has already asked for it, but I didn’t know under which keywords I could find it. But I believe there should be an open market for Non-Smartphone Fairphone, as people who are looking for a Fairphone, are maybe more likely to buy a mobilephone. So I’d like to ask your company to evaluate this possibility.


This is a community forum, not the company.
Fairphone staff might read along and engage, or might not.
Please contact Fairphone directly.

This idea has popped up many times. And although it is a lovely idea, there is no plan to make something like this.

Fairphone makes one product and that is a smartphone. It poses enough challenges for the team as it is :slight_smile:


People usually speak of “dumb phones” or “brick phones” when they mean a non-smart phone.

Or “feature phones” for not so dumb but also not so smart phones …


I’ll second that! A basic, robust, environmentally produced phone - with a long lasting battery that (preferably) doesn’t get ‘upgraded’ every year or less - but just keeps on going, same design and parts for years (with the module system too)?? I’ll have 5!
This is THE environmental issue - everyone is pushed to want the newest model. I go into a phone shop - and they look blank when I say I just want a phone. or how do I get rid of the camera - or internet option - or…
Any chance we can form a lobby group - to get a simple Green phone on the market?

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You mean something like this? :wink:


Or is the Green phone the next election gift from the Green party? :grin:

Seriously, I invite you to overthink the use of the word “green” in relation to electronics. (For reference my statement here.)

No. Refined definition of a simple phone seems to be an environmentally aware manufactured feature phone. That thing has a touch screen - and the Apple logo, both of which I avoid - though it does have a green colour… :rofl:

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