Non functioning FP2

A few weeks ago my screen starts to get lines and they greyed out until the screen went back. As the screen was cracked I replaced it with a new display module but this had the same problem, now nothing will display at all. I can charge the phone (well I get the charging LEDs) and if I try and power on I get the little vibrate it does on start up. But the phone is unusable.
I have raised a support ticket, emailed and called several times but it has been 10 days now with no response from support.
What I want to know is - is this fixable or not, has anyone experienced similar issues please?

Sounds like the connection between the core module and the display might be broken.
Since your screen was broken I’d suspect it could come from a fall. Maybe the core module is distorted and therefore the connection doesn’t work well anymore.

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Thanks for your feedback. It did have a small fall which broke the screen but has been functioning perfectly in that state for two months so not sure why it would be a problem now.
I took it apart and cleaned all the contacts thinking that might help, but no.
So if the core module is distorted would that mean a new core module?

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