Non-existing support


I try to get in contact with servicedesk since february.
I am experiencing random reboots and now the microphone died as well. The phone is not useable for me without microphone (obviously ;))

I have tried all tips here I could find including hard reset och reassembling the bottom module.
Still dead microphone - have to go back to my old phone.

Does someone at Fairphone read here please contact me or does someone here have tricks how to get in contact with them? Tried calling but did give up after waiting 20 minutes.
I really love the idea of Fairphone and I am extra disappointed that I - at least at the moment- can´t say much positive about the phone or the company :frowning:

Last step will be to hand this to my attorney and have help to get a full refund as the phone is not usable now. I would rather have them fix it :frowning: Any suggestions?

Greetings and thanx in advance!

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