Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I have a Fairphone2.
Very irregularly, but also quite often, when I want to use it, the screen is grey with millions of dots.
To gave evidence, I made some picture but this list does not allow attachment.

The phone is NOT usable then. This is extremly disappointing for me, because i thought I get a reliable phone when investing 500+Euros!

Also, I do not find any address to send it back for repair
I am still within a warranty period, and if this problem does not get fixed I want my money back.
Where can I turn to??

I have the same issue as everyone else here along with a few others. I’ve submitted tickets twice for various issues 2 months ago and I’ve had no reply. Disappointment with the product and service doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling at the moment. I spent a considerable amount of money on a Fairphone and now I’m going to have to buy another phone while I wait to see if I get any response from the manufacturer…

You’ll want to contact official support. You can file a ticket here (huge backlog, so takes ages), or call them (scroll all the way down for number/times, juts above the grey bar at the bottom of the page). Sending the phone to a random address will just delay matters as it won’t be processed correctly. If you received the phone less than two weeks ago, you can arrange to return it for a full refund if you prefer that to a repair (no reason needs be given, but the phone should be good-as-new). If you’ve had it longer, you can arrange for a repair under warranty.

As mentioned in some of the posts above, in some cases it’s a case of problems with the connector that can be solved by taking the screen off and putting it back on again. Worth trying especially if you’re in a rush.

I have a similar issue with my brand new FP2 :confused: Everything was fine at the begining and then I bought a microSD card and opened the back case to insert. As soon as I had put the back case on, the screen went all bright (see picture : sorry the picture doesn’t upload :anguished:) I can’t use my phone anymore :disappointed_relieved:

I am worried because I made some pictures and I don’t want to lose them !! I have sent an e-mail to support but no answer until now.

Does somebody have an idea to help me ?
Thank you :wink:

Were you trying to post a picture or were you referring to one of the pictures above?
I changed your user trust level from new user to basic user so now you should be able to post pictures.

Hi @paulakreuzer I was not able to upload the picture … is there any maximum size of picture for upload ? I just tried again now but no result. The picture is 3Mo

I’ll try to reduce the picture size and post it here later :wink:

Here it is


Thanks for the pic, I moved your posts here.
First try to disassemble the screen and carefully cleaning the connectors. If that doesn’t help than you’ll probably need a replacement. To get a reply from support faster post your request number in the #supportrequest::tag thread.
Don’t worry about the pictures, changing the screen shouldn’t do anything to your data.

Thank you very much @paulakreuzer for your help.

I have read some posts here and I see someone says the support didn’t want to change the phone because the user did take the sreen off himslef. I am not sure I want to take the risk !!

I am going to post my request number in the #supportrequest thread just now. Thank you very much !!!

Support is understaffed and therefore hiring. That must have been a new and not very well trained employee if he didn’t know that the FP2 was designed to open and repaired by the user, which doesn’t void the warranty.

PS: Where did you read that, I can’t find that post.

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Same problem here. I did open and clean - although I would have liked instructions for it, not sure whether I am doing it right - but nothing changed.
It did come back once for a few seconds, but now I am having that noisy screen again all the time.

@paulakreuzer , the thing about the support refusing to change the phone because it was open comes from a thread about FP1, here: Display problem - whole screen filled with noisy pixels of different colors

Also, I am commenting about my problem here because you said “A lot is a relative term. Compared to the number of FP2s sold very few people have this issue and usually it’s solved by taking off the screen and cleaning the connectors.” I wouldn’t have commented about it otherwise since it does not really advance the discussion (the prompt says: Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?). What I mean is there may well be many more people with this problem than you might be aware off. Also, some of the post here say that cleaning the connectors worked at first but the problem is coming back, some that it didn’t work. I would not conclude that “usually it’s solved by taking off the screen and cleaning the connectors”.

I know support is under a lot of work, but it is equally distressing to find yourself in a circonstance where you main connection with the world is broken. Waiting for a call from the bank or the doctor, not able to answer it. A few weeks of wait are sure to find people switching to cheaper options, which is sadly probably what I am about to do.

I’m asked to be constructive, so here it is: Why not publish a video showing how to remove the screen and clean the connectors ? Maybe have some people from support acting in it, and this way we also get to empathise with their daily load of work.


Maybe this topic helps you:

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Oh ok, that’s different then. FP2 was designed to be repaired by just anybody. With the FP1 it’s quite easy to actually do something wrong while trying to repair.

You’re right. The “usually” is debatable.

Just to share that I got the same problem and managed to solve it by taking off the screen + wiping connectors.

Middle of June after a rainy, high humidity moonsoon day, the screen started to behave as decribed in this thread. I reboot it several times, this solved the problem for few minutes to few hours, then it came back.

Then I finally decided to open the phone, dismantle the screen and wipe the connectors with a dry cloth - it just solved the issue totally! It has been a month now, and the phone is still working fine!

Hope it can help;
Cheers & good luck!

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Where’s the help here?? Do any techy staff use this forum? I’m so peed off with my fp2, it’s rubbish!!!

This is a community forum, so don’t expect answers from the Fairphone team. But if you read the posts here you’ll find that the recommended approach is to disassemble the phone and clean the connectors and if that doesn’t change anything contact support to get the screen replaced.

OK thanks, I’ll try that. Took so long to send this reply because of the scrambled and frozen screen. I love the thinking behind this phone, I so want it to be brilliant! Many thanks.

I had the same issue, and @paulakreuzer’s logic made sense to me - if the display works, even briefly, it’s not a faulty part. It’s the signal being sent from the motherboard to the display that is compromised.

I removed the display, wiped the gold contact points with a soft cloth, replaced the screen, and voila! Worked perfectly.

That said, let’s see how long this lasts - my wife is tech illiterate and would throw her hands up in despair if the situation arises again.

Fingers crossed!

Hi there, I have the same problem with my touchscreen since I ordered a new case (blue translucent). Before that I had the black one and no problems.

I’ve just read the comments here. I “solved” the problem for now by removing only the case. With the open phone the problem doesn’t appear.

I’ll try now the cleaning and reconnecting of the plugs, but in my opinion it’s a problem with the cases.

Good luck!