Noise from rear camera

Hi everyone,

I’ve just noticed that there is some noise coming from the rear camera when it’s active. It’s like a cheeping static noise that I haven’t noticed before. If I’m in a quiet environment, I can hear it from about 5 cm away.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Hello. Yes, I can confirm this behavior. I bet it’s the OIS (optical image stabilization), but to be honest, I have absolutely no idea if it’s normal for it to sound this way. Maybe it is. :man_shrugging: I didn’t notice until you wrote this post. I had to put my ear really close to the camera to hear the sound.


Maybe this is the same sound?

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Is that the camera or the contacts for the NFC antenna?

No, this sounds more like a coil whine and it makes that noise only when the rear camera is in use.

Exactly! It sounds like coil whine.
It’s somewhat reassuring that at least I’m not the only one having this, albeit two people is a small data base to rule out it’s not something that happens by design, i.e. a(n) (early sign) of a defect.

I’m not sure if it’s caused by the latest update (Software update: FP4.SP21.B.048.20230215), but I can now hear an additional noise when switching from the primary lens to the ultra-wide lens. It sounds like a static pop or click or something like that.

In the stock camera app, the sound can only be heard the first time I switch from the primary lens to the ultra-wide lens. In GCam or Open Camera, it can be heard every time I switch between those lenses. Note that the sound is much louder than the previously described coil whine.

Can anyone reproduce this?

Yes I can reproduce it as you describe, with stock and Gcam/OpenCamera/ManualCam. However to me it just sounds like a “click” so a if a small switch would be moved/catching … Would not have paid any attention to this, without your question😉 and does not sound static to me. Also, the camera noise that is described above does not sound cheeping static to me (as per my “Definition” of static and comparing to my Sky charging plug that is making cheeping static noise… ) and just like a strange hissing (reminding me of older and cheap speaker at my "stereo equipment " in the past). I also would never have noticed it without putting the Camera directly to my ear. Not sure how a coil whines or if this is the same what I hear😉.

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Hi, I know that the OIS can make a noise. For example, I use a system camera with sensor-shift image stabilizer, and when I focus, the IS makes a bright acoustic noise, which can be heard if it’s very quiet around.
Could be that the fountain of the noise you are hearing?

I had an issue with my FP4 when I got it a year ago where the main sensors OIS would make a sort of scratching sound when it was active. Ended up contacting support as it shouldn’t be there and I ended up shipping back the phone and got a new one in it’s place, no issues since. Something I realized comparing with a FP4 a friend had also gotten was that the main sensor was “rotated” ~30 degrees or so compared to theirs as well so that could be another sign (Switching their camera module to my phone proved it was my camera module that was at fault too). Bringing the camera up to my ear now I only hear a very low sort of static sound when the camera is active.

If you’re worried about a defect support can probably get it cleared up.

I can reproduce this but as far as I remember, this already happened in previous software versions.

In the meantime, I had the chance to check out some other phones from different manufacturers and a (slightly quieter) coil whine-like sound was also present there, so I assume this is nothing to worry about.

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