Noise cancelling on Fairbuds XL

I’m interested in any experience with the noise cancelling function.

When switching from ambient sound → noise cancelling=on → noise cancelling=off, the outside noise is gradually reduced as expected.
But even with noise cancelling = on it is never totally muted. i.e. I can hear e.g. nearby speaking.
Is this the normal function?
I expected a totally muting of all outside noise.

Thanks for any comments.

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I don’t have the Fairbuds XL, but I used other ANC headphones, the outside noise is only muffled, but never blocked completely. Especially voices are always audible. With some Bose Quite Comfort headset, I could understand people speaking in a plane sitting in a few rows distance, because the other noises were nearly blocked out, what even emphasizes the voices :wink: .

Thanks for sharing.
So, the noise cancelling is working as intended.
Only my expectations have been a bit too exaggerated. :roll_eyes:

I have colleagues with ANC headsets. They are in limbo with those things on, people have to get their attention through other means. No idea if it’s just the ANC or also the audio level of the music. I never used these kind of headsets. Maybe check the Bose community on Reddit?

I’ve checked reviews in the past as well, people mentioned the ANC wasn’t that good of the XL.

But FP themselves say it is.

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I’ve got the same impression.
But since I’m lacking previous experience with ANC I didn’t know what to expect exactly.

Thanks for reminding me of the video.
Cute, but rather on the ‘marketing’ than on the ‘facts’ side :wink:

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I find the noise cancelling works quite well and removes majority of the constant sounds in the background, like washing machine.
Voices are reduced in my usage, though they remain intelligible.

Last ANC I used were earbuds many years ago, so I cannot compare.

I understood ANC as noise-reduction instead of noise-removal. Making the thing you’re wanting to listen more clear and needing less volume to listen to it.


Thank you
I think this is the point where my expectations where wrong.

A review in The Guardian fits also to your comment
The noise cancelling is decent, dulling the rumbles and noise of a commute well. … They manage higher pitches such as typing and background chat in an office a little better than many, but can’t quite replicate the cone of silence produced by the best in the business from Bose and Sony.

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I’m a quite disappointed with the anc. Have experience from senheisser true wireless and no name over ear headphones, and both are much better on canceling noise out. Waiting and hoping for both software and hardware update on this one.

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