No way to get app notification counters working?

Hi, I’ve just got my first ever Fairphone, and l’m used like most people to having counters appear in the top right corner of each of the apps to show notification activity (e.g. 3 messages, 4 activities on Twitter) on any other Samsung, I-phone etc.

Is there really no way of having these show on the Fairphone 2 home screen where the apps are placed? I really can’t believe that such basic functionality and user-experience wouldn’t be part of the offer.

Please help me out here. Cheers

Search this list of android launchers for the words “badge notification” or search the web for a launcher with that function.


Nova Launcher can do this.

Link to Play Store

okay great thanks appreciated

it says on that post you just shared that Nova Launcher has ‘no badge notification’ ?

Nova Launcher Prime (that’s the pro-version) definitely supports badge notification. I can say for sure because I am using this launcher. :grin:

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ok thanks that’s very useful

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