No Voice Mail in Signal or Threema, just swoosh

When I record a Voice message there is no voice recorded anymore… me or my recipients just hear a swoosh sound…

Normal telefon calls are working…

I updated the current android version… reinstalled the Apps… but it solved not the problem…

Also I did the microfone checks I’ve read in this forum… but to be honest… I’m not sure if they were successful… I could not hear my voice … but phone calls are working…

Can you help me?

Hi and welcome. Your profile indicate you use a FP4, is this correct?

Hi, yes.
I use FP4 since 6 month.
Android 12… FP4.SP2K.B.089.20230807
Kind regards

For the mic test you can just scratch on it, thats in my eyes easier then trying to talk to yourself. It might be for calls another mic is used. For calls: both on ear and loudspeaker work?

Hi Yvonne

I believe mic1 is broken… regardless what I Test wit *#*#2886#*#* I hear nothing

Is mic1 used for Voice recordings?

How to Test the other mics?

Thank you!

There are 1 test per mic. 1 mic hole at the bottom, one at the top, one at the left side of the frame.

Maybe check the hole in the frame is blovked by dirt?

The actual mic is placed on the core module, so no self-repair would be possible, so maybe contact on parallel FP support contactsupport

Edit about what is used when

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