No update 0105, stuck on 0101

Hi Everybody
my FP3 is with version 8901.2.A.0101.20191115

when i go to settings, system, update, all i see is “System up to date, android version 9”
(the help suppot page tells that the version is displayed here. it’s not the case…)

why dos the FP3 not giving me the update ?

to prevent a bad update from killing all phones before the manufacturer can react and make a fix, Android updates are staged. only a hand full of users get them offered at first (involuntary guinea pigs) and if they report issues, the update gets revoked.

the rest of the users come in waves, spreading to more and more phones every time - upscaling by factor 10 or so each wave - until in a last step it becomes available for everyone. This can take over a month though.

for each update, and each phones unique identifier, a random number is generated, based on which it is decided when you see the update. but it can be further restricted by country/language settings and other policies depending on rules set by the manufacturer.

look here for some useful hacks:


I see. Ok thank you I’ll wait more then