No touchscreen after update

Just installed an update (ios 9 or something, who cares) since then no touchscreen. So no phone. Thanx for the update??? Any other suggestions like switch off, remove battery, or other Geek proof options. No phone without touchscreen; can’t even unlock simcard…
Guess fairphone is out unless someone knows how to tackle this…

Does the display still work?


Your phone cares obviously, iOS 9 was for iPhone in 2015.
So what exactly did you install how on which phone?


I can see the display but it does not respond at all to any ‘touch’

It might be a coincidence that the problem started in parallel to the Android 9 update? So you might check the contacts between screen and phone.
If you find no other way out you might do a #dic:factorydatareset and check if touchscreen works then.
If you need urgent access (e.g. to save your data) you can try to boot #twrpwoflashing and do a backup or you could get an USB OTG adapter and try to use a mouse/keyboard for control…


If you don’t know how to clean the contacts/disassemble the display:
You can find a thorough information (with pictures) on iFixIT.

You might try

  • Display Assembly as primary source and
  • Teardown for furthter disassembling the phone.

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