No sound notification for message with Android 6

Since I updated to Android 6, (and so using now Google messenger) with my FP2, I do not have a sound notification when I receive an SMS. And I verified in the parameters, the sound notification is well activated. Alone to have this problem ?

Thanks !

Yes I have this problem. Also I don’t get a notification in the status bar or on the front screen. I tried reinstalling the old SMS app but it had the same problems. In App notifications, there is no longer the option to set notifications as a priority, only to block/unblock. It says that my notifications are on but they are not working.


Same problem, no notification in the status bar : so I need to enter in the app “message” to see if I received one…I still not find the solution. Could anyone help ?

I finally just found the solution :
1/ Open parameters
2/ Choose applications (and not "sounds and notification "!)
3/ Choose "Messages"
4/ And there unblock notification (it was blocked by default here in fact

Hope it helps !


Thank you so much Corinne!