No Ringtone, no sound

we got the new Fairphone 2 and now we have the problem that there is no sound. No Ringtone, no sound when playing Music, Videos, no sound when taking pictures, nothing. Now we don´t know what to do. Of course we checked all Sound Settings, it is not in silent-mode. Does anyone know help? Should we return it?

Maybe the sound module is not connected well to the rest of the phone. You could try opening the pone, taking out the module and screwing it back more tightly.

Check this topic for more info:

Hi @Augsburger! I just got the same problem! Did you solve it?

Did you already try @paulakreuzer’s suggestion?
If that didn’t work, you might have a problem with the hardware; in that case you may need to contact support for a replacement.

I had the same problem but taking out the audio module and putting it back solved the problem for now…