No reception of sms

I change ail thé apn stetting, but I don’t reçoive any sms?
what Can I do?

The APN settings are not responsible for sending/receiving SMS.

Things you can try:

  1. Can you send any SMS from your Fairphone 2? Try it with at least two receivers.
  2. If you cannot send SMS at all: Is your SMSC number correct?

Hi, thank you for thé answer: I can send, but not reçoive !

Just checking: Are you sure you’re being sent SMS rather than MMS or iMessages?

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OK. If you have really sent SMS, then I think your settings are correct.

  1. The setting under Settings - SIM cards - Preferred SIM is correct for SMS?
  2. Are only SMS from one number affected or can’t you receive SMS at all?
  3. Can you send/receive SMS when you insert the SIM card in another phone?
  4. Can you send/receive SMS when you insert another SIM card into your FP2?
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what provider do you use?
Usually your provider can help you with such problems. Maybe there is a store near you or you can contact your provider via email or phone.

Sometimes it is also possible that your provider can send these settings via a special sms to you and you do not have to enter them on your own.

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