No pop-up when executing su within a shell script

Hi folks!

My App (SystemTap4Android) tries to execute su from within a shell script (“su -c XX”).
Using SuperSU, this works perfectly fine. Using the preinstalled su provided by FP OS, no notification or pop-up occurs. Thus, root privileges are denied.
I did activate root access under Settings --> Development --> Root access --> Apps and Adb.

Does anyoe have a clue why this happens? :frowning:


Actually it should ask if you want to allow su rights. But if not, then in Open OS you can do that manually. Just go to

All apps - settings - apps

and open the respective app, and on the bottom you can allow our disallow su rights for an app.

Thanks for your advice.

Anyway, the described behavior seems to be bug. I’d expect a pop-up to occur no matter what and where is requesting superuser rights.

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