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I am a new french FP2 Android 1.7.2 user (since xmas). Recently I unvoluntarily rebooted the phone. I restored enveything but since then I do not receive any notification sound.
I should have a notification sound for Gmail (defaukt) app and for Messages (special sound).
Neither can be heard when a new notification arrives, whether in Do not disturb mode or not.
I have set the parameters for the app Messages as to : not block, not show silently, show on the lock screen and not override when Do Not Disturb. The notifications do show correctly and the phone vibrates (as I set the corresponding parameter for Messages).
Anybody have this problem before (couldn’t find by searching forum) ?

Sorry, if it’s a silly question, but: is your notification set to loud enough? For checking you may short press volume up button and at the right edge of the appearing line the small flash. Then the line should be expanded to the settings of all sounds (as media, alarm and ringing). Are they all turned on?

there’s never a silly question (you never know), but yes they’re all set loud enough.
Thanks for trying though :slight_smile:

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Perhaps the following will help, with thanks to @Volker (Stuck in "Do not disturb"/silent mode)
Settings->Sound & notification->Do not disturb->Automatic rules->Add rule
Added a temporary rule there so that this rule just enabled and then DISABLED “do not disturb” mode (via setting “end time” to very soon). This way “do not disturb” finally was disabled again for me.

Thanks Lidwien but I don’t think it’s a “Do not disturb” problem because the phone does ring on incoming phone calls and the “Do not Disturb” sign on top right is not shown. I did try your suggestion though … but still doesn’t work :frowning:

Did you try to enable all app permissions for those apps? And you could try to delete cache and data for those apps (after backing up the apps data).

I had a very similar problem, one of my apps wouldn’t send out any sound when I had new notifications, although everything was set in order for this to happen, and all the other apps did make sounds.
The only way I could solve the problem was downloading the NotifiCon app and in some way “force” the problematic app to ring through the NotifiCon app, which allows you to set notification options for every single one of your apps. Telling NotifiCon that that specific app had to produce sound, made it actually ring.

It works !!!
I deleted the app cache and … restarted the phone ! Actually I think I hadn’t restarted the phone since I had the problem, oops.
Thank you Volker and everybody else.

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Edmm, I noted your solution just in case … thanks :slight_smile:

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