No notification LED and no replaceable microphone in FP4

You would have to contact support to get an official answer, however no I dont think the FP4 will ever have a LED

Have you checked this reply?

I don’t think it will be possible to add it post production. It may be solved in software though, by extending the screen wake time when a notification is received. It’s only a few seconds now. If we do the iPhone method of waking the screen and that’s it, then we should extend that wake time like on an iPhone IMHO :slight_smile:

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What a shame. It’s a huge help to accessibility.
Imagine being deaf, it’s the only way to know if messages have come in unless you are wearing the phone with vibrate turned on.
For me i only handle my phone when i know theres a message as my coordination is very poor and i have a lot of pain in my hands so the lights meant i could see at a glance if i needed to respond.
I love everything else but this is definitely a backward step in this age of disability awareness.
Please feed this back if the longer turn on time is a possibility
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond


Best you can do is #contactsupport and specify this need and purpose. Hopefully they will use an OLED screen for the FP5, which will allow an energy efficient always-on-display. Or at least add that LED notification light. You still have the FP3, right?

My new FP 4 arrived yesterday. Have been setting it up which is when i couldn’t work out how to turn led on. Disappointed. I asked if the FP 5 was imminent but FP woukdnt say so i went for the 4. I still have my 3 but its getting slow

Once you have the FP4 set up you could try a factory reset on the FP3

If it is slow it is likely down to RAM and memory use. My FP3+ is 2.5 years old, updated to a Beta A13 and there’s no apparent change to usability.

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thanks for that. now i’m using the 4 i really like it. there seem to be a lot of differences to screen layout etc that really work for me. it’s only this one issue. i was planning on selling the 3 to help cover cost of 4

Hi jeni.

Yes FP4 is currently using Android 12 and soon no doubt will be updated to A13

Enjoy the FP4 and good luck finding a half decent price.

thanks, i appreciate your taking the time to help

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Hi. Just upgraded to an FP4. All good except for the absence of an LED notification light. I’ve read through this thread but are there any recent apps (free or paid) or newer workarounds anyone recommends?

Android 14 has just got announced. It should allow to use camera flash as a notification LED. This could at least be a workaround for someone.

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I hope not, this is such an annoying function. If someone wears his phone in the shirt pocket the flash shoots directly into the eye of all other people in the room.
I really hated the iPhone for that.

I guess it depends on how you use your phone. I can see both that it could be helpful for some people, but also highly irritating for others…