No notification LED and no replaceable microphone in FP4

There are a lot more Android based phones with LED screen but without a notification LED. So this is not the ‘iPhone way’ alone.

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Yeah, it’s either LED or AOD on a AMOLED. But none? I don’t know any phone that does that. Other than iPhones of course.

There are hundreds, when I look at there are 297 phones released 2021 with an IPS screen, only 69 of them do have a notification LED


Can you show a more precise link that lists these phones? I’m interested in the brand and model that do this.

I tried:

but when copying the link it always includes the iPhone again.
Next try:

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There is an app that takes advantage of the camera flash and turns it into a notification flash:


That was a good find by @DeepSea, have just installed it, so will check it out.

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I’m always near an epileptic seizure, when an iPhone in a shirt pocket starts to do it right next to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


That filter selects phones with an IPS and an LED notification light, right? Because I also see the FP3 in that list. And the FP4. So that filter doesn’t work, and you don’t seem to understand what I’m saying.

A phone that has no AOD and no LED are rare, is what I said. This filtered list doesn’t look like it proves there are many phones like that. Because it lists IPS and LED notification lights. But also doesn’t really filter correctly, since FP4 is in there too.

Anyway… Let’s wait for Fairphone’s reaction to my query about this.

I’m understanding exactly, what you say and the search filter ‘-Benachrichtigungs-LED’ should rule out every phone with a notification LED. Probably that doesn’t work when copying that link.

Anyway, even without the filter you can see, when there are 1276 phones in the list and only 587 of them do have a notification LED, there are a lot without it. If you filter the list for all listed since 2020 it’s 624 to 177, so it gets even even worse.

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Actually, the FP3 didn’t have a notification LED when it was released as well. That functionality came after about half a year with an update. So maybe there’s hope :wink:


Sad to hear about the missing LED.

In my case, I have to leave the desk many times per day, without always carrying the phone with me. Of course, I don’t want to check the phone manually for new messages every time I am back on the desk.
The notification LED does this job, which is very comfortable. And even more: I always had and have a setup, where I can see from the color of the LED what kind of notification arrived.

That’s why I really like these LEDs, and this was one of the reasons i switched to Fairphone (by buying the FP3+).
I could get used to phones without LED, of course. As long as there is an AOD (which needs an OLED).

Just my opinion, of course. Other people have other use cases and don’t miss the LED. But I do.

But not a very big problem, as I will (or plan) to use the FP3+ much longer. Maybe the FP5 will have LED and/or AOD.
So I definitely will skip the FP4 and wait for some more years :wink:


May be I didn’t understand the subject but what seems strange for me is that a Led is present on FP3+ giving the status “charging” or not. So, why the same Led cannot be used to give a notification ?

The LED can be used for notifications on the Fairphone 3/3+, but this wasn’t the case when the Fairphone 3 came out, it needed a software update first, as @Ingo wrote above.


My Nokia 7 Plus has no AOD or notification LED. :frowning:
Nor did the Moto G4 that I had before that.


I hope my FP3 lasts until Fairphone condescends to releasing a phone with a notification LED. Since the FP3 is just short of two years old and I do not require any of the new feature the FP4 brings, I’ll wait for the FP5-with-notification-LED.



Same use-case as @ontheair with the Phone on the desk. I used the notification LED in the FP2 and was very disappointed when this functionality was gone with the FP3. Soo happy when it was working again.
But my phone is in good shape and I hope it will do it’s job without problems for some more years until the FP5 is available.

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The missing notification LED is much more of a problem to me than the often discussed headphone jack. I rely on this tiny light, so I do not have to check/wait on the phone all the time, it can be seen as my way of “digital wellbeing”. Glad you brought it up!


I got a reply back from Fairphone support.

Thank you for supporting Fairphone and for reaching out.
Indeed, the Fairphone 4 does not have a notification LED.
However, to be silently alerted of incoming messages, you can change your settings so that the screen lights up when a notification arrives.
Additionally, there are several third party apps that can imitate the function of a notification LED.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions you might have.

This is kind of a dealbreaker for me. This means notifications have to be noticed/act on in the moment they are received. That creates an unhealthy routine of checking your phone for missed notifications…

Pixel 6, here I come? :nerd_face:


There were times when people went to their postbox once a day to check for new messages. I think that was not considered an unhealthy routine as long as people didn’t go there 20 times a day because they were always expecting something.
I agree that the notification LED is a comfortable feature but just because I’d have to adjust my habits a little bit that wouldn’t break the deal for me at least.

Comparing the number of your posts which include the word “Pixel” to the overall number of your posts this might be the right decision… :roll_eyes: