No network connection with FP2 at some places

My FP1 (which perfectly worked for 4 years) was unfortunately broken and I decided to buy the FP2 two months ago. I live in Africa (in Chad) and the network connection doesn’t work at home and at some places. And even if in some places I have mobile network, I cannot make calls or send messages…
Mobile network works with all other phones I tried but not with my FP2. What I tried is to: change the SIM card, change the type of network to 3G instead 4G (recommended), chose preferred network manually, etc. But nothing has changed. Thanks for your help!

Which carrier are you using?

For the Fairphone 2 currently lists Airtel as not supporting 4G, and Tigo as not supporting 3G … so calls and messages should still work with 2G, if in doubt.
Can you try with preferred network type set to 2G?

Did you turn the phone off (really power down) and on again?

When the phone registers to the network, does the network indicator show some reception or is it empty?


Thanks very much for your answer. Yes I even tried 2G and to restart the phone, but nothing happens. (Actually I use Airtel which just started with 4G, I changed yesterday my 3G SIM card into 4G but I have still the same problem.) When I am home and at some places (where there is full network for others) the network indicator is empty. Sometimes at some other places even if the indicator has some reception I am not able to call or send messages.

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