No network connection in UK after return from USA

Not sure if this is a software/settings/network operator issue (seems more likely) or hardware (less likely, but who knows?!) so I thought I’d ask on here to see if anyone has any insight.

Returned from the USA 5 days ago, and since then neither of my 2 SIMs will connect to a UK network. Before travelling all was fine, and when n teh US I didn’t use roaming, and only used hotel wi-fi, so no calls or anything.

I’ve rebooted many times, including removing the battery, but nothing except for a couple of hours yesterday when both SIMs did connect, but now nothing again.

When looking at the SIM settings, the phone recognises both cards as being present, and if I look at Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators I’m told that the card is registered on the network - but still no service!

One SIM is pay-monthly Virgin, the other an old payg EE card. I’ve tried the virgin card in another older phone and it still works. I’m also in contact with Virgin and have started a convo with them, but no luck as yet.


Presumably switching off WiFi makes no difference to result?

What does no service mean?

  • no connection shown at the symbol in the top right?
  • no phonecalls possible?
  • no mobile internet?

Unfortunately, no difference, but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately all three of those! Wi-fi is fine, but anything else is not available.

Maybe something is wrong with the APN-settings? (cellular networks - Access Point Names)

I’ve had a look, and although I’m not 100% sure what they should be, but I’ve looked at some other posts and tried a couple of variations, but still no luck.

Thanks anyway for teh pointer.

Virgin Mobile are going to send a new SIM, so mybe that’ll sort things out…

Do you see a ‘warning’ triangle on the top bar? That could indicate that you manually chose the network in the US, and can be fixed in Settings -> More -> Mobile networks -> choose a SIM -> Mobile operators. You can let it search for networks and then press Automatic.

No worning triangle, and setting the phone to search automatically doesn’t give any result either, but thank you for the suggestion.

Virgin have said they’ll send a new SIM, so we’ll see if that does teh trick.

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