No more than 2G in Singapore

Hello all,

I was in Singapore during the last 6 months. Is it normal that I hardly can access Internet? When in the street, it was impossible to have Google Maps or Instagram working, for instance.

I think the data was limited to 2G. How come?
Now I am in France, should it work fine?

Thank you.


You should see a letter next to the mobile network symbol. 2G would mean that a “G” or “E” is shown.

In contrast, “H”, “H+” or “4G” would mean that you have more than 2G.

If the network is limited to 2G, go to Settings - Wireless & Networks - More - Cellular networks - select SIM card - Preferred network type and set it to 3G/4G. (If it is greyed out, you have to set the other SIM card to 2G only. You can use only one SIM card in 3G/4G mode.)

The speed of your internet connection is depending on 1) the data package you bought, 2) the settings of your FP2 (as @TobiasF already pointed out) and 3) the provider and their bands. Especially being abroad (meaning outside of Europe) can be “challenging” concerning a high speed data connection as the FPs are designed for the European market and therefore using bands that are common here but may not be common in South East Asia, Australia, the US, etc. You can check if your FP(2) will work with provider XYZ on this helpful website:


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