No more option for restart and switch silent mode?


When I long press the power button, I used to have a few options, like restart, or switch to vibrate or silent mode.
Right now, I have only the option of “shut down”, nothing else …

How can I get those very useful options back ?


Sounds like you just updated to the new Android 6.0 based Fairphone Open OS, so …

Community members are working on bringing some of the lost functionality back via F-Droid …

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Yeah but I don’t think the restart and silent options are some of those. They are working on depreciated FP-specific features (which Fairphone released the code for), they are not working on Android itself.

PS: And to offer a workaround for one of the two missing features:

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Wow you guys are so fast to reply :smiley:

Well, the workaround with the “Do not disturb” option seems to be a good replacement.

About a “Restart” option, is there any way to keep it ? Xposed, … ?

Hi, you can use this one (APM+), it’s still working
or, Gravtiybox… both require XPosed

I’m using Gravitybox, but didn’t find any option for this. Did I miss anything there ?

Should be in “Powersettings”, “Extendet Rebootmenu” or “Allow Reboot on Lockscreen” (something like that, my language is German), if you want back the Silent/ Vibrate/ Loud Buttons you will have to use APM+

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Thanks ! That’s exactly what I wanted. Topic is solved.