No more FP2 updates?

It seems that 2019-10 was the last time that Android published security updates for Android 7. Does that mean that FP2 with Android 7 will no longer receive security updates? It’s been 9 months since then…

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Fairphone is working on something better :slight_smile:


Just to be clear: Yes.


I use Lineage on my FP2 without major problems. You can do that with or without google. I like it and get updates every week. It’s the version 17.1, based on Android 10.

And here is the corresponding official blog entry about the upcoming Android 9 upgrade for the FP2


Wow, that is all great news! Very much looking forward to it!

Yes, I did that for a while. The weekly updates have been a little too much for me, and introduced occasional breakages (little things) too. See also the ‘cutting corners’ link in the blog post mentioned above in this thread.

On the FP2 with Lineage I only ever installed those updates that contained the security patches. I didn’t feel forced to install each and every update.

When Android 9 or 10 will be updated for Fairphone 2 ?

We are all impatient.
When android will be updated on FP2 ???

Android 9 for the Fairphone 2 is in beta testing.
If you are impatient, you could sign up …

… and/or follow proceedings here …


A couple of days ago, I received what I took to be a notification to update. I cleared the notification, assuming I could do it later. However, the Updater now tells me my OS is up-to-date (19.11.2) … So it looks like I missed the opportunity of an “invited” update.
Anyway, it suggests things are moving (unless I misread the notification - can’t remember what it said exactly).

Hi anotherElk,

I´ve suscribed. I´ve seen and understood nothing… It was the contrary of “Veni. Vidi. Vici” ; precisely it was “Veni. Vidi. But not vici” because I don´t trust me in these matters.

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