No mobile internet after upgrade to Android 6.0.1

I have no mobile internet and MMS is not working either, after upgrading FP2 to Android 6.0.1.
I have talked SEVERAL times with my phone company and I have the correct APN, but I can’t choose the MMS APN…
It is very strange…
Can anybody help??

You can set the correct APN yourself if it is missing. Go to Settings -> More -> Mobile networks -> Choose the tab with the SIM in question -> Access points (APNs) -> Press (+) symbol on the top right -> Enter the details your provider gave you.

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Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately I have already done that. It is still not working. And I have also checked the SIM card in another phone, where it works fine.

  • Do you use a rooted phone?
  • Do you use mobile data for the SIM which is activated (Settings -> SIM cards)?
  • Have you activated mobile data usage for the SIM which is activated (Settings ->Data usage ->Tab for your provider in question)?
  • In case you are roaming (including national roaming) turn on data roaming (Settings ->More ->Mobile Networks -> Tab on Provider (yes, tab again) and check data roaming setting)
  • Do you have data volume left?

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