[No longer need a FP2 because old FP1 was revived] FP2 any camera for 200€

Hey there,
since I have more and more trouble with my good old FP1 (software), I’m looking for a FP2. Overall condition should be okay, camera can be the old version. Any color :slight_smile:
200€ would be great as I’m a Student

Thank you so much

Hi Kiala! Are you still searching for a FP2? I am selling mine for 150 EUR plus shipping. It is still in a good working condition, about two and a half years old, has the new camera and an extra slim case. If you are interested I can send photos or other information needed. Cheers, Victor

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Hi Victor, thanks for your message :slight_smile: I no longer require a new phone. Thanks to this forum I was able to revive my old FP1. Take care and all the best