No internet sharing with dutch kpn simcard

I can’t create a working hotspot or share data via bluetooth with my GPS system when using my KPN simcard. I can share data with this KPN simcard in a phone of another make (Motorola). I can share data with a Vodafone simcard in my Fairphone 3+.
The KPN forum doestcome with an answer. So I ask you folks here: any ideas?

Check the APN settings. Does the “APN type” field include the value “DUN”? If not, try to add “,dun” to the list of types.

Thank you for your answer. I tried to add dun to the APN type, but the provider doesn’t allow this. APN-type is ‘default,supl’.

As you have shown, the problem is simply that KPN for some reason hasn’t validated the FP3 for tethering. The best thing to do is to contact KPN support and get them to modify their policy by adding FP3 to their list of approved devices. There seems to be no reason why they shouldn’t, and you would be solving the problem for other users at the same time.
If you fail to get a positive response, there’s a way round this, but that necessitates use of ADB. Have you used this tool before?

I have been in contact on the KPN-forum about this. I’ll get in contact again with this. Thanks!
I’m not an expert, never used ADB, might go over my head.

Fora are usually staffed by volunteer enthusiasts, like this one. FP forum isn’t read specially by FP staff except for certain subjects, and I would expect the same to be the case with your operator KPN, so get on to their official support help-line, don’t expect too much from their forum which, I would think, at best can provide advice, certainly not authoritative responses on the question.


With some help of the KPN-forum and combining different sets of settings I eventually got it working. Since the update to Android 13 the problem came back again. Very annoying. This time I used an earlier solution from the KPN-forum. APN switched from ‘internet’ to did the trick.

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