No internet connection (except for WhatsApp) Fairphone 3+

Hi hoping someone can help as I haven’t received a response to my request for help from Fairphone yet.

My Fairphone 3+ started having issues connecting to the internet once I had disconnected from the wifi, or had been to the football, or had come out of the tube. This seemed fairly temperamental and so I troubleshooted and decided to try a new sim card with EE.

Now I can’t connect to the internet (unless I use WIFI) with the only exception appearing to be WhatsApp for which I can still receive messages, images and videos. I’ve had a look at this could possibly be due to an access point issue. I created a new EE APN but I don’t know how to make that the gateway the phone uses.

I could really do with a step by step guide. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Hello JoeW,

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Your data plan is not used up? Check with the self-service portal of your provider.
Could you please test the SIM card in another phone?

It’s sorted now. I contacted EE and they talked me through the APN set up. Strange that it didn’t work in the default set up.


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