No internet and not a proper wifi hotspot

There’s no internet available on my phone, when I’m out of a wifi-network. (Inside, or outside does not make any difference)
Sometimes a fealure of my SIMcards appears on my FP2-display. Restarting the phone normally solves this.
SIMcard1 is the only card location that worked out fine untill now, since the internet has dissapeared
SIMcard2 never worked properly. I have a XS4all-SIMcard in this position, but the phone was never able to handle this one.
When internet does work, it is mostly very difficult to set up a proper Wifi Hotspot. Via the connection on the phone itself is fast faster than via the hotspot. Working with Remote Desktop Applications, it is often very difficult.

Does annyone has an idea??

Thanks & regards,

Maybe temporarily switching to flight-mode and back also resolves it?

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