No internet access via 4G, 3G

Just got 4 days ago the new FP 2 with the new 12 m pixel camera module.
Tried with Android 6 during last 3 days to get internet connection via 4 G, 3 G etc. No success!
Mobile data are of course switched on and i got from my provider O2 (maXXim) APN-settings with i inserted. Now switched to FP open but got the same problem.By the way I found FP open better than the Google version. Therefore my question is here in FP open.
WiFi works well.
It seemed to be not a problem of the telephone sim because this sim works excellent in an Iphone and in a windows phone.
I am now really frustrated.

I am testing several possibilities to solve the problem.
Just found an important fact:
When inserting instead of my 02 Sim a Telekom Sim of a friend, FP2 with 4G works out of the box without any APN-changes.
For me it therefore seems clear:

  • No hardware problem with Fairphone (I am very happy!)
  • The problem is the O2 Sim
    But why on earth does the O2 Sim work out of the box in Iphone and Windows phone but not in Fairphone?

Will contact the O2-Service and report.

Have a look at this page konfiguartions apn O2 at maXXin.
Perhaps this works also:
“Senden Sie mit Ihrem Endgerät eine SMS mit dem Inhalt handy an die kostenfreie Kurzwahl 80100.”

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Many thanks. SMS-installation does not work but I inserted the info manually. But I regret to say that mobile data are still not active.
Thanks again.
Will wait for new info of O2. If they do not find a solution quickly I will change the the provider to Telekom as my O2 contract can be terminated with 4 weeks notice. Telekom-sim of a fried works.

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Thanks for all help. Phone now works after several reboots with and without SIM.


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