No internet access except by wi-fi

I am having problems accessing the Internet via my fair phone. I have Internet access on my contract so I don’t know why this should be the case. I can connect to the Internet ok when I am connected to my home wi-if network but can’t access the Internet at all when not in my house. Can you help? My contract is with three.

Have you checked the APN settings?

You’ll need to find out what the APN settings are from Three, and then input/check them here:

Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > (Choose your SIM if you have more than 1) > Edit existing APN or add a new one

Also check that data is enabled for you SIM here:

Settings > SIM Management > Data Connection > (Select your SIM)

If these don’t fix it, post back :smile:

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I would suggest also to check if this is a dns problem by pinging a network known address (like the IP of OpenDNS which is instead of trying by name; if this is the case you can set the DNSes to something known like OpenDNS.

I got it sorted after following Chris’s advise thanks DjDas! Hope fully it will be ok now. :smile:

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