No Incoming caller ID

The phone doesn’t give information about the incoming call. Not the name of the caller neither the Telnr.
What’s the problem?

You will find other posts on this etc. What network What OS etc.
It seems you have only scanned the forum for 5min, maybe search a bit :slight_smile:

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So how long have you had the phone and when did this start happening?

Yes, in fact I was not spending half a day to find answers on the forum.
I have the phone for 2weeks now and the problem was there from the beginning…

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This is a user forum, not an official Fairphone help desk. I suggest you do look at other similar issues. You will find different scenarios for different Networks and phone setups.

It is onerous to expect other users to have to ask you lots of questions that have been asked in other posts a number of times.

Maybe you could spend half an hour rather than half a day to see if you can relate the issue.

No doubt someone will refer to the network, did you contact them etc.

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I solved the problem with the help of the provider. Since the last update you have to turn of VOLTE in the menu from your SIM-Card


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